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Family planning LimerickEnnis Road Medical Centre Provides a range of family planning services and can provide comprehensive information to assist you in choosing the best option for you and your partner. Please note that no form of assisted contraception can be guaranteed to be 100% effective but most are over 98-99% effective at preventing pregnancy when taken/administered correctly.

Services provided include:

The Contraceptive Pill



This is a hormonal injection given into the muscle which provides effective contraception over 12 weeks. These injections usually commenced within the first five days of your period and should be repeated 12 weekly thereafter.

Implanon Insertion and Removal

Implanon is a small plastic rod which is inserted into your arm. it works by slowly releasing hormone into your circulation and provides effective contraception for up to three years.


This is a plastic ring which is inserted weekly into the vagina by the woman herself. It is changed once weekly for three weeks followed by a break every fourth week.

Evra Patch

This is a thin discrete patch, about the size of a matchbox, which adheres to the skin and slowly releases hormone. It is changed once a week by the woman for three weeks followed by a break every fourth week. The Evra patch is over 99% effective when used correctly and may be a good option for ladies who may have trouble remembering to take a pill.

Permanent Solutions

We believe that tubal ligation (females) and Vasectomy (males) are best done in a specialist setting and are happy to refer our patients to our specialist colleagues should they wish permanent contraception.

Further information can be found through the Irish Family Planing Association website please see here ( for contraceptive fact sheets.


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