Minor Surgery

medical consultationServices offered include wart treatment/cryotherapy, Suturing, Removal of skin lesions, biopsy of suspicious skin lesions, Ingrown toenail removal.

Ingrown Toenail Removal

Treatment of a mildly ingrown toenail may require just conservative self care measures. However in severe cases removal of the ingrown nail may be required. At Ennis Road Medical Centre our Doctors are experienced in ingrown toenail removal, having cumulatively treated hundreds of cases. If you are suffering from an ingrown toenail we encourage you to firstly make an appointment with one of our Doctors who will assess whether your nail can be treated with conservative measures including antibiotics or if an excision of the ingrown nail is required which we will proceed to do under a local anaesthetic. HSE website 'Ingrown Toenail'

Skin Lesion Excision

Having worked for a number of years in Australia, Dr Simon O'Connell is experienced in removal of many different types of skin lesions including skin cancers. He is also a holder of a Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine from the University of Queensland and has completed numerous postgraduate surgical skills courses. If you have a skin lesion that you are concerned about please make an appointment with one of our Doctors who will assess whether it is requires removal and if so whether it is possible for us to safely do it in the primary care setting or if it requires referral to a dermatologist or surgeon.

Wart Treatments/Cryotherapy

Many benign skin lesions including warts can be safely and effectively treated in our surgery using cryotherapy (freezing). If you are suffering from an unsightly skin growth or wart please make an appointment with one of our doctors

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