: COVID-19

During these worrying times we will be doing our best to respond to your queries as soon as possible however please bear with us as we try manage this unprecedented event.

Of utmost importance is self isolation and social distancing. Please check regularly on your elderly relatives and neighbours.

For any general queries regarding covid 19 please go to the HSE website www.hse.ie or telephone 185024180

For information regarding social welfare payments please go to:


Please do not turn up at our premises unannounced. Ring for an appointment and when you arrive either ring or press the doorbell, and you will be informed when we are ready to receive you.

Please only one adult with each child and please leave  children who are not patients at home if possible. This is to minimise the risk of transmission.

Again we appreciate your understanding in what is an extremely busy and stressful time for us all. 

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