Service Fees
Child (under 18) €45
Student (on production of valid 3rd level ID)  €50
Adult Review (at doctor's discretion - for same problem within 1 week of initial consult) €40
Adult €60
Extended Consult (>20 minutes) €80
Consult + bloods €70
Adult +1 Child €100
Two Children €80
Well Man/Well Woman Screening (please indicate at time of booking as nurse consult and fasting blood tests are required) €120 (many health insurers offer money back on health screening)
Nurse Appointment (eg dressings, suture removal, injections) €30 + cost of dressings/equipment
Pre employment Medical €90-200

Additional Services

Service Fees
ECG €30
Blood tests €20
Nebuliser €30
Ear Syringing €40 (nurse appointment only)
Implanon Insertion €110 +prior consult
Implanon Removal €125
Implanon removal and reinsertion €140
Spirometry €50
24 hour blood pressure monitor €80
Travel Vaccines - prices vary. Available on request
Joint injections €40 (in addition to consult fee)
Repeat Prescriptions €10
Letters (non medicolegal) €25

Medical Card Holders

Unfortunately not all services are covered by your medical card. When we are asked to provide an extra service which does not fall within our contract with the HSE we need to charge for this. Our time is limited and signing and filling out forms can be very time consuming.

Examples of non-GMS services for which GPs charge their medical card patients are:

  • Signing passport application forms
  • Certain travel vaccinations and other prescriptions for travel
  • Examinations in relation to fitness to drive, including eye test
  • Examinations in connection with fitness to take part in sports
  • Pre – employment medicals
  • Insurance & Medico-legal Examinations and Reports
  • Insurance Claim form-filling and reports
  • Some family planning services
  • Referral for private care forms
  • Letters requested by, or on behalf of, the patient


Examples of the fees involved are:

Service Fees
Blood tests €20
Passport Applications €10
Driving Licence Assessment/Report €40
Other forms, letters and procedures are dependent on the time required.  

If you have accumulated GP fees over the course of a year there are a number of ways in which you may be entitled to money back. The four main insurers - Laya, Irish Life, VHI and glo health all offer money back on GP visits and many of the minor surgical procedures and other services we offer can be directly billed to your insurer. Please refer to the links attached to see whats covered under your policy.
In addition if you are a tax payer, you may be able to claim a portion of your medical expenses back against your tax each year. Please refer to revenue.ie for further details.






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